A complementary Meet and Greet to become acquainted with you and your pet in your home before services are scheduled. This allows your pet to become familiar with me in their own environment.

We will cover all details regarding your pet's routine, behavior, any health concerns, and other important information.

We will work together on a schedule/routine that is best for your pet.

During this time I will be collecting a house key. Please have a key ready for pick up on the day of the M&G. You may also use a lock box. 

**New Clients will also receive 10% off their first booked services!**

Dog Pet Sitting

Let your dog stay home where they are the most comfortable. No loud or noisy kennels. You can mix your visits if you would like, such as scheduling a longer morning visit and shorter evening visit.

*Applies for up to two dogs; additional $3 per dog.

30 minute visit ... $20

45 minute visit ... $24

Cat Pet Sitting

Giving your cat the very best by allowing them to stay home in their own environment  No strange kennels or cat boarding facilities. Just giving your kitty the best care and love. You can mix your visits too! PPPC does NOT do every other day care services. All cats need to be checked on daily for their safety

*Applies for up to three cats; additional $2 per cat

20 minute visit ... $17

30 minute visit ... $20

45 minute visit ... $24

Reptile/Avian/Small Animal Pet Sitting

Your small furry, feathery and scaly babies need care and love too! PPPC does NOT do every other day care services. All pets need to be check on daily for their safety. *Applies for up to three pets; additional $1-2 per pet.

20 minute visit ... $17

30 minute visit ... $20

Puppy Pet Sitting

Puppies require more time and attention! If your pup is under one years old this service is required. Puppies typically need to go out every 3-4 hours (depending on how many months. A general rule of thumb is if your puppy is 3 months than every 4 hours) If your pup has accidents and is prone to chewing, providing a safe and proper size crate or enclosed secure area is a MUST.

*Applies for up to ONE puppy; additional $4 per puppy.

30 minute visit ... $23

45 minute visit ... $27

Mid-day Dog Visit or Walk

Do long hours at work keep you from giving your dog the exercise they need daily? Going on a trip? Whatever the reason, Posh Paws can help give your dog the exercise they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

*Applies for up to two dogs; additional $3 per dog.

20 minute visit ... $17

30 minute visit ... $20

Hiking Adventures

This service is not your typical neighborhood dog walk. We will set out on an adventure to local parks with trails! Your dog will enjoy different smells and scenery. They will explore. They will sniff. They will soak in the sun. They will relax under a tree. They will fully be in the moment. It's all about them after all! This service is Weekdays ONLY: TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS.

*Applies for up to ONE dog; additional dog $10 (two dogs max)

60-90 minute hike ... $40

Pet Taxi

Does your pet need a trip to the vet office or groomer? (PPPC uses google maps)

One Way ... $15 (up to 7 miles from owners home)

Round Trip ... $25 (up to 14 miles total)


A Holiday Fee will be applied per visit on the following holidays:

  • New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & NYE

$5 per visit





Hours of Operation

Office Hours: 8am - 5pm

Pet Sitting: 6am - 9pm


Area of Service

Wake Forest(27587) and Raleigh(27614)