Summer Pet Safety Tips

Updated: May 29, 2019

Keeping your pets safe this summer!

As the warmer weather approaches, our four legged friends can easily become victims of dehydration, sunburn, heat stroke, severe weather, and parasites. Below is a list of helpful tips to prepare your pets for the "Dog Days of Summer"

1. Early morning or late evening exercise.

It is best to avoid walking or doing outdoor activities with your pet on hot/warm days. Never walk Mid-day especially in the sun.

2. Always provide plenty of fresh cool water to your pets indoors and outdoors. When you are out and about with your pet, bring a long a bottle of cold water for your pet.

3. Avoid Hot Pavement! If the outside temperature is 77 degrees, the asphalt in the sun can reach 125 degrees. Yikes! So, let's keep the exercise to the morning and late evenings when the asphalt is much cooler. If your pet needs to go outside during the day let's keep the walks brief and walk on the grass. Paw pads can easily get burned very quickly.

4. Prevent Heat stroke:

Exposure to high temperatures, humidity, and poor ventilation are often associated with heatstroke. Signs of heat stroke:

Heavy panting 

  • Vomiting & diarrhea

  • Confusion, anxious, dazed expression

  • Collapsing, falling down, stumbling

  • Salivating/Whining

  • Brick red gums

  • Increased heart rate and warm to touch

5. Don't leave your pets in the car! Leave your pets at home while traveling to the store or a doing a quick errand. It takes only minutes for your pet to get heat stroke or die in a hot car.

6. Protect your pet from sunburn! Check with your local veterinarian for pet safe sunscreen OR you can keep your pets indoors when the sun is high.

7. If you need to feed your pet before they go outside, please wait 30-60 minutes after meals before taking your pet out for exercise.

8. Summers can bring on those nasty storms and many pets are afraid of thunder. Ways to help them alleviate or reduce weather anxieties are trying calming music, thunder t-shirts, or pheromones. Please consult with your veterinarian before giving any medication to calm your pet. Dog houses are NOT always safe during storms. Dog houses kept under trees may be shady and cooler during the summer, but they are not safe when lightning strikes. Please your pet inside!

9. Visit with your veterinarian before the warmer weather starts to discuss flea, tick, and heartworm preventives. Preventives will help pet owners avoid the heartache down the road.

Posh Paws Pet Care, LLC wishes everyone a safe and happy summer!

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