4th of July Safety

Fireworks Scare Pets!

Did you know more pets go missing on July 4th than on any other day?

Here is how you can help:

1. Ensure that your pet has current ID tags.

2. Keep them inside your home. Create a safe place for them. Close window treatments to block out flashing lights.

3. Turn on the radio or TV to muffle sounds.

4. Coddling a scared pet will reinforce their fear. Try distracting your pet by playing with them.

5. Provide plenty of water.

6. Never leave your pet unattended in a yard, even a secure yard.

7. Exercise your dog in the morning to burn off excess energy before the fireworks begin.

8. Secure all trash cans.

9. Even after the festivities, please check your yard for fireworks. They could be potential choking hazards.

Please keep your pet safe.

Thank you!


Posh Paws Pet Care

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