Q: How do I request services?

A: For NEW clients- the fastest response would be to fill out the contact form at the bottom of each page on PPPC website. For reaccurring clients please email requested dates AND how many visits from beginning to end. Email: poshpawspcllc@gmail.com

Q: How do I cancel services?

A: You may cancel or adjust services by Email or Call--I will respond back to you to make sure you have canceled. PPPC has a 24 hours cancellation policy. PPPC is aware life happens and sympathetic, but please be mindful, we are holding room in PPPC schedule. Please cancel within 24 hours from your first scheduled visit. Please see further information in Policies

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: PPPC accepts credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, and check.

Q: How do I pay my bill online?

A: Your invoice will be through Quickbooks you will receive an email. Please see Policies for further information

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payments are due by the FIRST day of services for vacation/day trips. The date will be shown on the top of your invoice. Reaccuring visits like daily Mid-day Visits M-F will be billed 15th and/or last day of the month (all depending on how many visits per week)

Q: What if my pet has an emergency during PPPC's care?

A: PPPC will notify client as soon as possible. It does NOT matter if it is something minor or major PPPC will keep you informed! IF your pet has not ate in 24 hours or has severe bleeding, severe vomiting, bloody stool, blood in vomit, limping, bloating, seizure, and so on-- Any of these circumstances are considered a major emergency and PPPC will take your pet to the Veterinarian ASAP! We will notify you when PPPC is in route to Veterinarian. IF we can NOT get in touch with you, PPPC will call your Emergency Contacts that you listed on the PPPC forms that you filled out before the Meet and Greet.

Q: Do you take care of outdoor pets?

A: Yes and No, PPPC is a service that provides indoor care only for dogs, cats, and any pets in a cage or tank enclosure. PPPC is not liable and responsible for outdoor pets. If you do have a turtle or koi pond that just requires feeding, we will make an exception. All pets should be inside and only outdoors when they are being supervised. Chickens MUST have a coop and a secure enclosed area to roam. If chickens do NOT have secure enclosure, PPPC can decline services.

Q: Do you take care of farm animals?

A: ONLY chickens. Chickens must have a coop and a secure enclosed area to roam. If chickens do NOT have a secure enclosure, PPPC can decline services.

Q: Do you take care of spiders and/or snakes?

A: No

Q: Does PPPC do job sharing (neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc taking care of your pets while PPPC is in your home) ?

A: I do not suggest it because anything can happen! ALL owners MUST read PPPC policies. If other people will be in the home while PPPC is caring for your pets. PPPC will NOT be held liable or responsible if anything happens to your home or pet. PPPC documents each visit and lets the owner know how their pet is doing.

Q: How many visits can you do for my pet?


A: All depending on what types of pets you have, but most is 3-4 visits per day.

Q: Can PPPC administer Insulin shots and/or Sub Q fluids to my pet?

A: Yes. As long as your pet is okay with me giving them. I highly recommend for any pets who are aggressive or severely scared to bring them to a 24 hour Vet Clinic for boarding.

Q: How early can PPPC do a visit?

A: PPPC starts between 6-6:30am, but can get their earlier if needed.

Q: How late can PPPC do a visit?

A: PPPC ends at 9:00pm. This is not adjusted, because I do start early.

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